JUSTIFIED BUT NOT PERMITTED “….The Lord forbid that I should do this thing unto my master….(I Sam 24:6)
Everyone will be hurt at one stage or the other in life. The Bible also recognised this when Paul said: ‘Be ye angry, and sin not..(Eph 4:26). The next instinct that comes to mind when one is cheated is to take revenge either covertly or directly. We see this played out in marital relationship conflicts, in friendship, at workplaces and even in places of worship. The palace also played host to the spirit of revenge in the story of King Saul and David the shepherd boy.
David had his day to inflict a justified purnishment on King Saul because of the latter’s hunt for his life but he reneged on the urge from his servant to kill the king (I Sam 24:4). It was a ‘once in a life time’ chance and everything would have been settled for David to be crowned the next king in Israel but he turned the opportunity down. The rational mind will ask: ‘what a stupid act from David?’
The question is: how many times have we toed the path of taking revenge on justified wrongs done to us while ignoring the Holy Spirit’s warnings? When we do so, we deprive ourselves of allowing the Lord to give us His full rewards. Vengeance belongs to God and He knows how best to handle your case (Rom 12:19).
David could have been seen as stupid for walking away from killing King Saul but he saved himself from carrying a damned conscience in regards to Saul’s death (I Chronicles 16:22). He was eventually crowned as the next king after Saul’s demise.
When occasions warrant retribution and handing out vengeance, take a pause and remember that the best of men are just men at best, and allow the Lord to handle the matter. No doubt the inflicted hurt may be humiliating and painful especially when it is so glaring that you’re not to be blamed, but as a child of God, allow the Lord to handle your case and you shall laugh last and the enemy shall be put to shame.