MATRICULATION TO CONVOCATION “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose… (Ecclesiastes 3:1).
Matriculation is the official procedure of admitting a candidate into a University/College degree program, which sometimes comes in form of a swearing in ceremony. The candidate must have fulfilled certain academic requirements before he’s eligible to participate in such a ceremony. While matriculation ceremony marks the commencement, convocation represents the completion and conferment of the degree in a program that started with matriculation.
Ironically, not every matriculated student eventually graduate as some may move on to other Colleges, situation beyond control may affect some and others may fall off the cliff due to rustication or other reasons.
Matriculation ceremony is always a sweet one, but convocation day is awesome. It takes determination, hard work, other supports, right environment and God’s grace for a student to complete his academic program successfully.
The day you gave your life to Jesus, you are welcomed into His Kingdom and the host heaven rejoiced for that great decision. But as it behoves on the student to attend lectures, complete and submit assignments , pass examinations and fulfil other University’s requirements before he will be conferred with a degree, so it is for every believer before he can receive the reward of well done, good and faithful servant (Matt 25:21).
Many things will lay demand on the time of a student who’s on a track to obtain a degree, such as association with ‘lay about’ mates, parties, and uncontrolled extracurricular activities. They are all to be classified as distractions. Same with a heaven-bound Christians; but we have been admonished not to shift our focus from Jesus because doing otherwise is dangerous (Hebrews 12:1-2).
The ultimate medal (degree) is worth all the hard work and similar to the excitement and joy of a graduating scholar, much more is that of triumphant child of God on the last day. All tears, pains and disappointments shall be forgotten; scars shall turn to stars and the air shall be full of celebrations. Therefore, keep pushing on because convocation day is so near.