NAKED & UNASHAMED “And they were both naked, …..and were not ashamed (Genesis 2:25)
At birth, every child is unconscious of his state of nudity, therefore covering and protection is the responsibility of the parents. Even at infancy the baby can afford to run around naked, laughing and enjoying himself with no sense of shame. But as soon as environmental sensitivity is introduced to him, he’ll start to exhibit a subtle act of resistance to what used to be the norm. That ‘environmental sensitivity’ trait is a sudden wave that comes upon every human since the Garden of Eden episode with Adam and Eve.
Whereas a righteous man is ‘naked’ (because he’s been washed in the blood of Jesus) and will be unashamed and free to move around even in the midst of his foes, sin makes a man to be exposed and vulnerable to the enemies attack. It makes him to hide and run away from his benefactor.
When a child runs afoul of parental rules, he naturally develops an evasive attitude (self convicting one) to his parents. A once loving child will be running away from the lovely arms of his parents.
The Lord made a covering for Adam and Eve even though they betrayed His trust. Jesus Christ is the ultimate price for every product of human disobediences (John 3:16). He has paid in full all wages of sin and made available a route of escape from all eternal shame to all human race; therefore say bye-bye to those things that have the tendency to bring shame, nakedness and regret by embracing an eternal provision made by the Lord through accepting Jesus Christ as your Saviour and regimentally following His footsteps.