“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation…… (II Cor 5:17)

Change or shift is associated with resistance and difficulty. Human beings are used to routine and feel comfortable with repeating the same thing every time. The Almighty God is the only being that cannot change, yet He is an expert in orchestrating shifts (Psalms 75:7; Daniel 2:21). 21st Century companies invest heavily in change philosophy to improve their bottom line and have an edge above their competitors.

Jesus Christ is very particular about a new life and devoted most of His teachings to it. In Matthew 5:13-16, He compared a Christian with salt and light. Paul the Apostle re-echoed same in II Cor 5:17 and emphasised same message in other of his epistles. If there is no old, there cannot be new. New is cherished and embraced when you realise the wastes, deficiencies and losses associated with the old.

The old life is a life of sin, full of agony, emptiness and shame. It’s a life that you don’t have control over as the ruler of this world calls the shot. You may hate your behaviour and attitude under this regime but you’re helpless to effect any dramatic and sustained change. No moral, psychology or new age religion can bring about a new life experience except Jesus.

A new life in Jesus is possible when you realise that you need a shift/change from the old way. You are expected to come under the new management of Jesus. Be ready to uproot the old ways of doing business and embrace new ways found in Christ. Continuous development is also crucial in order to grow spiritually (I Peter 2:2). When men see your good works, then they will know that something genuine has occurred in you because you’ve been with Jesus Christ for an extreme make-over (Matthew 5:16).