The decision to follow Jesus in true Biblical dimension comes with a price tag (II Tim 3:12). This is not different from any other rewarding ventures in life; therefore following Jesus should not be regarded as an extra-ordinary favour we are doing for the Lord.

In a decent environment, a student is expected to work hard before an academic award is given to her. Some level of expertise with cognate years of working experience is required before one can run a global business conglomerate successfully. Likewise there seem not to be an easy way to the crown without facing challenges and oppositions.

Life is ready and prepared to throw everything at you in order to discourage, distract or substitute your original plan with photocopy one (less than the original version). Tribulations will emerge from unexpected quarters, distress news will attempt to challenge your courage for advancement, and persecution will be awaiting you at every phase of your dream, couple with avalanche of internal and external sufferings. What about pains from marriage break ups that you have worked for, all through your energetic lifetime, and love ones addicted to illicit materials and substances?

Refuse to believe the devil that you are the only individual experiencing these challenges; rather, as a true child of God, you are required to remind yourself that Christ has predicted this while on earth and equally given a word of consolation – be of good cheer! (John 16:33). Just as there is expiry date for every product, there is allotted time for your trying times to disappear. Therefore, when and while you are in your wilderness experience, know that you are more than conqueror through Christ that loved you. Pray, sing praises and remind yourself of His unchanging promises.