“….therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed (Is 50:7)

Every right minded individual wants to succeed in life, but not everyone put in place strategies for success. The best of plan can fail because of various reasons – physical and spiritual. Determination and doggedness play major role in whether a person will pull through or not in every challenge and issue in life.

Apostle Paul was a man of single purpose. He followed after the Lord Jesus Christ. He summed up his aspiration in one sentence – Phil 3:10 (That I may know Him……..). No wonder He was able to make remarkable success in ministry! Men and women of one aim and one purpose always record outstanding achievements in life.

It is important to mention that, this decision (one aim, one purpose) carries a cost; as it is expected. For every crown, there is an associated pain and cost. This ambition may cost you the loss of your so called “friends”, time, food, and countless sleepless nights among others; but will equally expose you to the fact that if you wish it, you can have it (Matt 7:7-8). Interestingly you will also discover that your body has a way of adjusting when there is a demand on it.

Ambitions and purposes without Christ is emptiness (Eccl 1:2). You want to be famous in business and have the whole world to yourself, when you have gotten it, what next? You want a whole street to be named after you, when you have gotten it, what next? You want to ride in the best car and live in the latest designed mansion, when you have gotten it, what next?

Take it or leave it, all these things will soon be outdated and forgotten. The best and enduring ambition is eternity with Christ. Be a man or woman of un-interrupted purpose. Avoid earthly interruptions by looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith (Heb 12:2).