“…..get thee out of thy country…unto a land that I will shew thee: and I will make thee a
great nation….” (Genesis 12:1-2)
The driving force behind every action is a decision made prior to that time. Good action have the
element of God and love for humanity in it and same is true for the converse (Romans 8:14). When
you permit the Lord to lead you, literally He becomes the CEO of your life – He calls the shot and
you’re to obey Him. No doubt there will be seasons in your life when you cannot understand why
He’s asking you to take certain route but a wise child will just obey Him (I Cor 3:19).
Abraham (from idol worship background) made a lifetime decision to follow Yahweh to an unknown
destination with a futuristic blessing. Little did he know that God was setting him (and his unborn
generations) up for avalanche of blessings! Because the call was from God and assuredly He cannot
lie; at the appointed season, He paid Abraham a visit and his main request was granted – Isaac was
born. God equally added further blessings into Abraham’s bosom. He became so wealthy that
nations envied him, and his name is permanently associated with the living God – God of Abraham.
Similar characters to Abraham are Peter, once a fisherman and Paul, once a persecutor of Christians.
One encounter with a destiny helper can set a man up for greatness in life (either spiritual or
physical). The best helper who can provide endless possibilities is the Lord Jesus Christ (Matt 11:28).
A life surrendered to Him will surely provide contentment here and rest with Him eternally.
Sadly, making a decision to reject Him can also lead to plethora of painful consequences. King Herod
repented too late despite many opportunities presented to him, and he perished in the Red Sea.
Learn from the mistakes of others and make the right choice today by making an intentional decision
to obey and serve the Lord so as to live a fulfilled life on earth and gain eternal life in heaven.
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