PASS IT ON “And the things which thou hast heard from me among many witnesses…. (II Tim 2:2)
The Almighty God initiated the principle of reproduction by creating the first male and female with eternal covenant blessing (Gen 1:27-28). All you need to exterminate the existence of an item is to stop producing and circulating it. Apostle Paul knew this principle very well, no wonder he admonished Timothy to keep spreading the good news to all his converts so that through many faithful and active witnesses, the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ will spread to the entire world.
It takes only a generation of Christians to stop passing it (the gospel) on, and generations after will lose connection with the living God. Present day Turkey was once 97% a Christian nation but the generation that was privileged to witness Paul’s great exploits failed to appropriately pass on the gospel message to their younger ones. Today, Turkey is 99% Islam and 0.35% Christian nation and you may ask: where did we miss it?
Evil prevails when holders of good refuse to celebrate and advertise it. Present day Christians are too timid and most times not sure of what they’re carrying; so when they’re confronted with defending their faith, immediately they buckle and become colourless. This is exact opposite of other beliefs. They are hardliners and won’t give up easily.
Let us deploy the same attention we give to protecting our cultures and customs against extinction to Christianity. Let’s all agree that there’s a problem here; be ready to invest in reversing the negative trend and courageously deploy all manner of means to invite everyone into God’s kingdom (Mark 16:15). Will you all commit to passing on those things you have heard, seen and handled to younger generation who will be able to reproduce themselves in the future generations? PLEASE PASS ON THE BATON (faithfully and courageously); IT SHOULD NOT STOP WITH YOU.