“Therefore they that were scattered abroad went everywhere preaching the word” (Acts 8:4)

Series of problems that Paul (who was formally named Saul) caused the early Church led to the expansion of the gospel (Acts 8:4). The persecution then has the similitude of civil war where entire family is forcefully dispersed with all sorts of infractions and sometimes loss of loved ones.

It’s in bad times, not just good ones that growth occurs. You may not have civil war experience but you might be in one now without knowing. The marriage that is near breaking, the child that is sliding into addiction, the out of control bad appetite and all manner of personal war-like situation around your life are good examples.

Sometimes those that attack us are agents nurtured with our hands and at times are the very people closer to you. Remember Bro Joe’s story in Genesis 37. But he looked back years later and say: “You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good” (Gen 50:20). Are you dejected because someone slammed the door in your face? in a short while, you will look back and say, ‘it was the best thing that could have happened to me’

Beloved, if God is allowing you to go through a tough time this season, just take it that it must be for a good reason (Psalm 84:11), or for the good of others and you’re the instrument He’s using to bring it about. When you have this understanding, you are promoted in the spirit realm.

One other revelation is that: ‘every new level comes with challenges’ because the devil won’t leave you alone without a fight. Whether the battle is over your health, family, finances, life of holiness, business or ministry, you may probably expect couple of things:
(a) The closer you get to victory, the more intense the battle becomes.
(b) What matters is not your comfort, but what you’re called to do.
(c) Your victory has been ordained by God, so keep fighting never give up because it will soon be over.