“Therefore if any man be in Christ……all things are become new (II Cor 5:17).
It is a fact that every man was born a sinner with the DNA of evil (Rom 3:23), but we have been blessed with the capacity to make choices at the same time (Joshua 24:15). That’s the reason why we have stories of people who have suffered all manner of abuse and injustice in life (e.g. been in concentration camp, refugee camp, sexually abused and domestic violence victims etc) coming out of their experiences to become advocates of equality, justice, love and peace.
Unfortunately the world is a ‘rough terrain’ full of evil; but with divine help you can re-construct the template on which your story will be written. It’s bad enough to come from a disadvantaged background, but worse to know and do nothing about it. The ten lepers in II Kings 7:14 were sincere about their present state but made a move to confront their ‘border bully’. They did not only survive, but became deliverer of a whole nation from hunger, starvation and enemy’s siege.
No life is too rotten beyond redemption and no vision is too bad to be revived; especially when Jesus Christ is involved. The marriage in Cana of Galilee (John 2:1-12) was heading into a disaster and shame until He (Jesus) was called upon, and amazingly the ceremony ended as a talk of the town with incredible provision. David was into all manner of evil ranging from adultery to conspiracy and murder, but God’s mercy came through for him and Jesus Christ came through his lineage.
You are only a failure the moment you stop trying. Make God your ladder holder and your story will surely be re-written. It is only you (based on the decision you make today) who will determine how your story will be written. The writing materials are at your disposal now; chose Jesus Christ and He will not only hold but empower you to soar to your place of fulfilment in life. RE-WRITE YOUR STORY, RE-WRITE YOUR DESTINY.