REJECTED BY MEN, ACCEPTED BY GOD “And God saw everything that he made, and behold, it was very good. (Gen 1:31)
The issue with human assessment has been an age long one with fragment of inconsistencies that even a National Prophet of God got it wrong. Samuel mistakenly picked Eliab (the first son of Mr Jesse) as the next anointed king of Israel (I Sam 16:6).
Whereas the Lord said: ‘. …I am fearfully and wonderfully made’; many children of God has fallen into the trap of men’s approval rather than believing in what God says about them (Psalm 139:14).
Who you are in Christ Jesus does not need human validation on social media platforms. Stop expecting the whole world to tick your righteous lifestyle because it has been like this from time immemorial; therefore don’t kill yourself chasing approval from men because you won’t get it.
Rahab the harlot was engaged in an illicit business and was well known even to the palace; but she provided succour to the spies from the camp of Israel in the battle against the city of Jericho. Rahab carried bad identity – (dirty, rejected, good for nothing, a dog, used and dumped) and I guessed no man was ready to take her as a wife.
She had a poor beginning, but embraced the God of Israel based on the amazing testimonies of His mighty hand in favour of Israel (Joshua 2:10-11). God showed kindness to her. She and her family members were saved from the ultimate destruction of the great city and above all, Jesus Christ’s genealogy can be traced to her.
It’s imperative that God approve of you rather than seeking humans’ approval. God’s assessment of you is that: ‘you’re made perfect and beautiful’; therefore, every other rating is secondary. The decision to embrace and reconcile with God is a gateway for everlasting joy for whosoever will make a U-turn to Him.