A wealthy individual was asked a question on a TV program one day that: if his wealth suddenly disappears, does he think he can bounce back again? He quickly replied, yes. He said: I see what others don’t see and work on them to take back all my losses.

Being made in God’s image gives us amazing potential; but it takes a ‘man of understanding’ to identify it and draw it out. Unfortunately too many of us are gifted at seeing the proud, quick-tempered and weak ones. A person with a spiritual insight sees beyond that to the hopes and fears behind those attitudes and the glorious hidden potentials in such characters.

Peter and the sons of Zebedee (James and John) were 3 famous characters among the disciples of Jesus Christ. Peter was highly impulsive, while John and James were ‘sons of thunder’, but Jesus saw in them refined men. Peter became the rock and pillar of the Church (Matt 16:18) and James and John, partook in the transfiguration experience (Matt 17:1-2).

Today’s Church and the society at large need: more parents who’ll pray for their children, look beyond their mistakes and ‘draw out’ their uniqueness; spouses who’ll search for the hidden potentials in their mates; business leaders who’ll treat their workers with respect and match their skills with their responsibilities; Christians who’ll forgive the immature stumbling of the young ones and work to develop them; witnesses who see the lost through the eyes of Jesus and recognise what His transforming grace can offer.

Our prayers today should be: God, open my eyes to see what others cannot see.