SUCCESS “….and as long as he sought the Lord, God made him to prosper (2 Chronicles 26:5b).
King Uzziah was sixteen years old when he ascended the throne of his father in Judah and enjoyed fifty two years of serenity, peace and quietness on the throne. The secret was: ‘doing what is right in the sight of the Lord all the time.’
Success in life is much easier to achieve than to sustain because man easily lose guard when fame, popularity and breakthrough arrives and the hard work that brought about the breakthroughs suddenly become too cumbersome to regimentally uphold. These is the case with many believers today either in the secular or other endeavours in life and no wonder we see people with ‘ICHABOD’ label around.
Maintaining the peak position in life and destiny requires partnership with God and personal sacrifice. An Olympic medallist must continue to exceed his previous performances if he’s to keep winning because his competitors will aim at improving on his performance to take the medal from him. So, he should regard himself as a learner. As believers, we are called to embrace change because the future is meant for those who can think and harvest now, what is yet to emerge in the future.
Secret things belong to God and He reveals them to those who love to stay in His presence (Deut 29:29). Among many secrets of success in life is the determination to routinely keep repeating and doing better those ‘tips’ that brought you into limelight initially (2 Chron 26:5b). King David kept winning until he stopped going to war (2 Sam 11:1).
Success has many bye- products which includes fame, connections, pride, praise singing etc. At such moment, a believer needs to intentionally humble himself before God so as to allow Him to take all the glory (James 4:6). You need to surround yourself with sincere and genuine Christians who will encourage you to keep pursuing God with no loss of ‘oxygen’.
Permit me to conclude by stating that: learners will inherit everything, whereas the learned is only beautifully equipped for a world that is no longer existing; therefore keep being a learner.