‘…I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me…..’ (John 11:25).

On daily basis we see insurance companies rolling out new covers and re-packaging old ones with the mindset of gaining more market shares. Insurance covers are procured in order to minimise losses. Companies like United Health Group, AXA, and China Life are among the best performing Insurance companies globally when you analyse their portfolios on the basis of acceptable industry standards.

I am not an agent of any earthly insurance company, but for a while I’ve been ruminating on reasons why men seek for policy covers and comparing these with the available provisions in the Bible for believers. If life insurance cover can re-purchase and roll back “life” for a dead individual, it will be the most expensive item (policy) in the world today; and definitely exclusive to few individuals.

It therefore appears to me that indeed nothing of this world is enduring, but all will pass on into the archive of history after a season (Eccl 1:14). Fame, wealth, positions, degrees, all manner of assets will not secure you a place in heaven if you have not gotten an “enduring policy cover” in been a child of God, recognised in heaven (Matt 7:21).

No Jesus no peace, know Jesus know peace; and you will never be worried again about how secured your world is. The contemporary world is littered with ugly, fearful and disheartening events. No nation is safe gain and the heart of many is failing them. It is time to sign up for the enduring policy cover that cannot go bankrupt – JESUS CHRIST (Heb. 13:8) and your life will be at rest even if you’re in the midst of stormy and challenging life situations.