THE KING IS COMING “…this same Jesus…shall so come in like manner… (Acts 1:11).
For lack of better human understanding, I will like you to consider the quantum of preparation put in place when the President of the United States is visiting a foreign nation – tight security structure , stellar reception and the presence of first class dignitaries are few things that will be present. Everyone is prepared to wait endlessly even under severe weather condition to just catch a glimpse of the President (even when he doesn’t know them or have material gift for them).
The King of Kings and President over all nations will soon come. His throne is eternal and He is coming for His bride (the redeemed) who will be recognised, acknowledged and celebrated. I can only imagine how His triumphant entry will look like since this has been going on for over two thousand years ago! Every time I think about this exhilarating event and associated joy, the present agonies and evils pale into insignificance (I Cor 15:19).
The fact that the promise of His coming back was made over two thousand years ago has not reduced its validity because it’s just like two days ago in God’s calendar (II Peter 3:8). The plead goes to the redeemed of the Lord not to doubt this promise but remember the parable of the ten virgins and therefore keep pressing on to upward heights. The truth is that living a life of righteousness will always come with challenges, but when you anchor your life on Jesus Christ, victorious lifestyle becomes easier.
The King is coming to put an end to the rouge regime of Satan and bring peace to the earth (Isaiah 9:6). So, if human beings can afford to wait endlessly to welcome a mortal man for just few days of official visit with no immediate benefit, what manner of man should a believer be as it pertains to how we should patiently wait for a ‘confirmed’ promise of Christ’s second coming?
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