“I am the way, and the truth, and the life …” (John 14:6).

Modernization has been of great advantage to human existence as a lot of scientific inventions have made life easier, comfortable and prevented huge loss of lives. Some of those inventions include aircraft, computers, and all sorts of communication strategies as well as global positioning system (GPS).

As good as road maps are, you’re still required to keep referring to the manual from time to time; but what a genius is GPS who thinks and speaks to you while you concentrate on your driving? While most of the time, we rely on GPS (a man-made invention) to direct us to our expected destinations, it is unfortunate that God-made remedy for a glorious final destination is ignored and neglected. The result is simple – heading to eternal destruction and regret.

Jesus Christ is the GPS that the whole world needs now. In uncharted water where the ship is doomed without GPS, in the air space where the plane is highly susceptible to crashing without GPS, a man’s life is opened to destruction and eternal death without surrendering to Jesus Christ. Outside Him are robbers (other ways), but He is the true Way (John 14:6), and by accepting Him, you are confident of reaching your glorious destination safely.