“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength …” (Isaiah 40:31).

It is natural for a man to go weary as it is a package of reward of sin since the fall of man. Weariness can be a product of discouragement after an expectation has been cut off, or a product of a day’s hard work. When a man has exercised his body productively, a time of weakness and weariness will set in, and the body will demand for a rest.

It is equally possible for a heart to faint. To faint is to gradually pass out (die). It is a junior sister to death. Since blood gives life, a fainting individual could be said to be in the position of a person who is losing considerable pint of blood and who needs blood transfusion urgently to avoid an untimely death.

But when the supernatural takes over your life; the natural, abated structure will be superimposed and you start to experience ‘heaven on earth’ kind of lifestyle. The winning formula is as follow:

  • Hook up to the Lord. It is vain for you to depend on your ‘strengths’ because they have their limitations. Drugs and all kinds of illicit substances will only make you ‘high’ momentarily and afterwards bring you to a worse state. Stuffs and earthly substances as good as they look like, only give happiness and not deep satisfying joy, but Jesus is the true source of joy, strength and satisfaction (John 14:6; Matt 11:28).
  • Learn to wait on Him patiently. Moses distinguished himself from other old prophets because he mastered the art of waiting on the Lord (Exodus 34:34-35). In the state of waiting, there will be an exchange of your weaknesses (physical and spiritual) for heavenly glory. It is the group of individual that graduate from such school that will be able to ‘stand’ boldly in the presence of men. To accomplish this, you will need to overcome your flesh and have an eternal goal at sight.

Life is full of giants who are prepared to kill your David and you need the mighty God behind you who will do the battle on your behalf. Heaven and the world only celebrate the winners; failures are never remembered. TAKE AND USE THE WINNING FORMULA TODAY!