‘Train up a child in the way he should go …’ (Proverbs 22:6).

Second law of thermodynamics simply states that: ‘everything left to itself will tend to disorder’. Training is highly indispensable if growth and sustainability is to be achieved in a person or organization’s life. A child (biological or spiritual) left without training may likely not survive in a tough and competitive environment. While some are born with silver spoon in their mouths, some have to struggle to succeed in life; whichever category you find yourself, the responsibility is upon your parents (biological or spiritual) to teach, instruct and apply discipline (where required) on you so as to come out as a refined material to withstand the world challenges.

Training comes with pains (both to the trainee and the trainer) and discomfort, but the end product is a combination of benefits and greatness. A spoiled (untrained) child of today will be a disappointment to the parents tomorrow (Prov 29:15). Parents, be reminded that you cannot abrogate your training responsibility to your Nannies, Child-care instructors or others; doing so is to postpone your day of disgrace. Be rest assured that while you are alive or dead; one day, that untrained child will have a reason to regret your inaction of the past.

The other side of the coin to this message has to do with few children who were trained but refused to accept parental advise. Such children may be better brought up by adopting ‘action speaks better than words’ and intensive prayers approaches. Discipline may seem unpleasant at this time, but afterwards it will produce fruit of righteousness (Hebrews 12:11).