“Nevertheless the foundation of God….let everyone…depart from iniquity” (2 Tim 2:19)
One common identity of the olden days’ Christians is honesty. When they apply for job positions
which they’re qualified for, the roles are given to them because the employer knows he’s employing
a person of integrity. They have a unique identity – holiness unto the Lord. Their yea is yea and nay,
Through passage of time, honesty and truth among Christians has been eroded, compromised and
given the back seat even in the highest decision-making bodies in the Church. In our own eyes, men
and women of God (MOG & WOG) take bribes for promotions and ordinations. Our altars are now
polluted and we’ve made God a liar because innocent people come under such MOG & WOG covers
and their situations remain the same.
Unfortunately, strange people have gotten hold of the ‘horn on the altar’ and we’re witnessing a lot
of despicable dramas in our synagogues today (I Sam 2:12).
Be it as it is, God’s standard and promises remain sure! He instructed Abraham to walk before Him in
holiness (Gen 17:1). Abraham made the choice and God empowered him to walk blamelessly; and
the rest is history. God cannot negotiate his nature because that’s what defines Him. Unfortunately,
men erroneously believe that they can bend God to their sides; but as many as chose to live pure
(even in this adulterous generation) shall receive His help to do so (Rom 10:13).
Life of peace and friendship with God are ‘gold standard’ benefits of living an uncompromising life of
holiness. God’s presence and victory over your wars are guaranteed, couple with the fact that what
others are chasing after will start to chase after you. Yes it’s possible to live a life of uncompromising
holiness in this generation (I Kings 19:18). Associate yourself with the Enabler (Jesus Christ) and join
yourself with a Bible believing Church to pattern your life in line with God’s expectations.
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