“…….Let us go again and visit our brethren….and see how they do (Acts15:36).
Companies announce urgent recalls when sold products are faulty, damaged or failed quality tests contrary to the advertised claims. They do this most often to avoid disasters, economic setbacks and reputational damage. Today in the Christendom we keep making reference to the ‘good old days’ in regard to almost all Christian services and responsibilities and most especially in evangelism and follow up of new converts.
Paul and Barnabas resolved to return to their converts in order to strengthen their faith in Christ, and that is follow up! When a product fails total quality test and is hurriedly sent out because of high demand by consumers, it’s just a matter of time before urgent recalls will be placed on it. Jesus Christ devoted sufficient time to train His disciples on the matter of His Kingdom before sending them out (Mk 4:34). He equally demonstrated to them how not to give up on anyone in relation to follow up in the case of Apostle Peter when he went a fishing even though he was with the Master for over three and a half years (John 21:3-17).
Beloved, let us devote more time to discipleship training and follow up ministry. God’s kingdom has suffered too much of ‘urgent recalls’ because of ‘mass production’ at the expense of quality and the devil is happy with our method because he knows that our “product” will not withstand the pressure test and soon, they will fragment and be back to him. Let the faithful few be encouraged knowing fully well that there’s huge rewards awaiting those that endure to the end.
Finally, it is the prerogative of heaven to recall anyone home if he is a potential risk to the kingdom in all form and shape; therefore let us fix the broken pieces by coming back to the original owner who can rebrand and rekindle the fire in us again.