“And the world passes away, and the lust thereof …” (I John 2:17).

Each day you live are an addition to the history of the world that next generation will read and form their opinion whether you added value to the earth or you were a liability to the world. Legacies are very important to the overall summary of a man’s life history. Paul the Apostle probably did not leave an estate or money behind when he died, but his writings are huge blessings to the Church.

Usually we attach legacy with dying and don’t particularly like the topic. A man’s legacy is like perfume or fragrance. You don’t have to know or meet someone before you enjoy the blessings of their legacy. Even long after you have gone, your impact can continue to be felt. We also feel that since our legacy won’t come open until after we have died, why do we need to invest in it now?

The Bible says: ‘A good man leaves an inheritance’ (Proverbs 13:22). What will yours be? Start investing in something meaningful according to God’s definition. Money, properties and educational achievements are good on their own, but they should be used rightly to purchase your eternity with Christ and to write a godly legacy about yourself. Let the world remember you when you say bye to this sinful world for being a faithful marriage partner, raising godly children, building the Kingdom of God and making your light burning for Christ.

All amiable and enduring legacies come with a price tag. Moving beyond mediocrity will require daily investment in the accounts of those who follow you!