‘….Patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer’ (Romans 12:12).

It’s been re-echoed several times that all human life is in the Psalms. Every emotion, every need, every cry and sobbing from the heart and every kind of prayer that human being could ever want to pray can be found in the book of Psalms. They (the Psalms) provide us with the opportunity of being honest and sincere before God about whatever feeling we have at difficult times. However, the common question from our lips at such moments is: “How long, O Lord?”

No doubt we all go through tough and challenging times. Undoubtedly, difficult times bring out difficult emotions. For example, if a family member is terminally ill and you’re behaving strangely in the presence of others, you could be seen as a callous fellow. The truth is that, even in such emotionally charged atmosphere, you should not behave as if the whole world has collapsed on you, but ask God for the strength to handle the situation.

The book of Psalms gives us a lot of examples to fall back on in trying periods. There are records that someone, sometimes has been there before and came out on the other side. There is hope that God is listening and He is big enough to take the worst that you’ve got to throw at Him. At such periods, prayer turns negative energy into a powerful force for good (Psalms 30:5b; Job 19:25; Psalm 18:2; Psalm 45).

At difficult moments, never you forget to ask the Lord this question: what are the lessons to be learnt here, Lord?” Learn from your experience, regardless of how hard it is, and remember that some of the best discoveries and breakthroughs around the world came from difficulties, challenges and crisis. In patience, possess your soul and it won’t be long before the ray of hope emerges.