YOUR INSTRUMENT OF AUTHORITY “Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I….. (Joshua 1:3)
When a role/position is created, instrument of authority to execute such role is given to the recipient. This follows Biblical principle found in Genesis 1:28 where human beings were given the mandate to have dominion over everything God has made.
It is possible to make mess of this instrument because of ignorance of its power and carelessness. There are plethoras of Biblical and contemporary examples of people who perfectly knew the importance of this instrument, but all the same, made a big mess of it. Others lost it because the devil fed them with the meal of ignorance and only few used it well. This page will not be sufficient to fully explore this hidden truth but as you permit the Holy Spirit in your heart, perhaps redemption will speak for you and you will not be among the statistics of people who realised this truth too late.
Moses’ instrument was his rod (Exodus 4:2-3). All through his ministry of forty years, God worked with him using this instrument. His successor (Joshua) was different; because God cannot be stereotyped. His own instrument was ‘the sole of his foot’ (Joshua 1:2-3). Incredibly, he defeated soldiers of great nations and instilled great fears in the heart of his foes (Joshua 2:9).
Contrast to the few examples above, Reuben the first born of Jacob lost his own because of unguided sexual urge. He went on his father’s bed to do despicable thing – slept with his father’s wife. He lost the first born blessings and instead received a curse from Jacob (Gen 35:22; 49:4). Time will not permit me to explore the case of Samson, Billy Graham, Apostle Babalola, Pastor Akindayomi , The Wesley brothers and others.
It’s possible to regain a lost instrument of authority as clearly demonstrated in II Kings 6:5 by realizing the loss and crying aloud to God for an immediate rescue mission to be carried out (Rom 10:13). Be careful, watchful and prayerful as you jealously guide your instrument of authority because someone (the Devil) seems to know its value more than yourself.